10 Top Entertainment Options For Your Day

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Image courtesy of Smith’s Ice Cream Van, Photo by Will O’ Reilly Photography

Your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the best day’s you’ll ever experience but for couples looking for those little extras, to impress family and friends and up the craic from the get go, there are plenty of original entertainment ideas you can incorporate in to your day. From your very own casino where you can indulge in a spot of Blackjack to a troupe of Irish dancers who will get the dance floor hopping, here are 10 top entertainment options to consider…

Ice Cream Treat

You can’t beat that familiar ice-cream van jingle! So we love the idea of hiring Smith’s Ice Cream Van to pull up outside the ceremony for a round of Mr Whippy cones! Or if you’d rather surprise guests with this nostalgic treat later in the day, you could arrange for it to swing by your venue as a super fun dessert alternative.

Jigs & Reels

A spot of Irish dancing always ensues at an Irish wedding but if you want to get the shenanigans started early on, you can arrange for Irish Dancers (from five members up to 30 depending on your budget) to entertain your guests with some jigs and reels, from a rendition of Riverdance to a medley of dances where you and your guests can join in.

Games Galore

gatsby-real-wedding-dkphoto-liss-ard-24Image by DKPHOTO

Want your own little sin city? Or a flamboyant cabaret show? There are all sorts of fun entertainment options you can incorporate in to your wedding to keep your guests entertained and boost the fun factor from renting games (Jenga anyone?) and samba drummers, to fire breathers and your very own casino. Monte Carlo Entertainment has a wealth of options to suit all styles of budgets, for those looking to add an original twist to their party.

Singing Waiters

Picture the scene – your guests are just about to tuck in to dessert and out of nowhere the waiters break in to song and dance! Passing themselves off as actual waiters all evening and mingling in with guests, The Musical Waiters are in fact trained musicians who will take you and your guests on a merry musical journey with Broadway and West End hits and some comedy thrown in for good measure. The perfect way to unwind as you enjoy your fondant!

Comedy Entertainment

If you’re looking to sit back and be entertained, there are several comedians on the Irish wedding circuit that you can hire for your big day that will get a few giggles, from the ‘The Count of Mighty Craic’ Paul Malone who does celebrity impersonations and covers everything from teenage years to marriage itself, to the hilarious Dave Young who brings your guests in on the antics with funny stories about them for that personal touch.

Amaze & Amuse

878_20130614161325669Image courtesy of Andy James

Rabbits out of hats and objects made from balloons are a thing of the past, modern magicians such as Andy James, Jack Wise and Shane Black use intriguing magical tricks (the best man’s watch may just disappear before his very eyes), mind reading and psychological illusions for a hugely entertaining experience that will leave you and your guests amused and amazed in equal measure. Not only is it a bit of an ice-breaker, but it’s a great way to get the crowd involved.

Fabulous Fireworks

If you’re after a romantic way to round off your celebratory evening, huddling together with your nearest and dearest amidst a backdrop of glorious colours and popping fireworks could be idyllic. Nationwide Fireworks will work with you to create an impressive display of fireworks (to suit your budget), that will illuminate the night sky and create gorgeous memories and photo opportunities.

Service with Style

gatsby-real-wedding-dkphoto-liss-ard-6Image by DKPHOTO

Looking to add a bit of sparkle to your wedding party? Check out the Queens of Neon, who combine theatrical glitter and sparkle with high quality waiting service! With their incredible top hats, oversized lashes and glittery ensembles, they’ll add a dash of glamour to your drinks reception and bring a festival style party atmosphere to your wedding bash early on.

Cartoon Craic

If you’re struggling to come up with a wedding favour that has the personal touch, hiring a cartoonist could be your solution! Having a caricaturist on hand to sketch either a flattering or funny little cartoon of your guests will not only be hugely entertaining but it will be a lovely keepsake for friends and family to hang on their walls after too. Click here to see a full list of Cartoonists.

Photobooth Fun

photos-01Images via Partybooth.ie

Ah the photobooth! A huge wedding trend over the years and a favourite here on weddingsonline, not only can your guests grab a prop and get grinning but they get a fabulously entertaining snap from the night to pop on their fridge. A great way to get people to mingle and unwind, you can also get friends and family to stick a copy of the picture in a photo album alongside a personal message so that you can cherish the fun informal snaps for years after. Win win!