Beautiful Bridal Accessories for the Modern Bride

Fashion & Jewellery

Bridal accessories are the perfect way to inject a little personality and flair into your bridal style. Think headpieces, bridal brollies for rainy days and of course, in 2020, you can’t forget bridal face masks! Take a peek at these gorgeous bridal accessories that you absolutely must have…


Bridal headpiece

Is there anything prettier than a bespoke bridal headpiece? We just love these gorgeous handcrafted beauties by The Beaded Gem!  Jennifer started The Beaded Gem just over 2 years but has 14 years of experience in the bridal industry.

The Beaded Gem


Bridal brollies

It’s no surprise to Irish brides that rainy wedding days are to be expected. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look pretty and stylish while protecting your wedding hairdo! We love that has a range of beaut brollies. Heart-shaped (like the ones below), covered in lace, or something a little more simple and classic – they’ve got it all!


A unique bouquet

Flowers aren’t for everyone, and if you’re looking for something unique, why not opt for feathers and jewellery? We love that Florio Designs give brides the option to choose a handcrafted bouquet made up of gorgeous feathers, fabrics and good luck charms!

Florio Designs


Stylish face masks

Covid brides are embracing the mandatory face masks and visors, and we’re all for it! We are absolutely swooning over gorgeous bridal face masks in wedding-appropriate fabrics. You can get yours at Angelo Bridal, Foxford Atelier and Aideen Cross!

Angelo Bridal


Foxford Atelier


Aideen Cross