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Denise Bray Hairstylist

Laracor, Trim, Meath
Reviews (39) 5/5
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 Denise is a freelance bridal hairstylist based in Leinster.  Her relaxed attitude ,funky nature and professionalism ensures a calm and fun morning. Her love of upstyling is apparent from her work . She will take the time to get to know each individual bride and works on a style to suit. 

She travels nationwide and no time is too early or late. She stays to put veils/ accessories/ last minute sprays in as nothing can be more stressful then a veil not sitting right!

Denise has been featured in many publications including U magazine and xpose magazine, and has worked alongside top photographer Lili Forberg.


39 reviews
Quality of service5.0/5
Hailey Garrett
Added 30th Mar 2022
Wedding 22nd Mar 2022
What can I say about Denise - she is efficient, high energy and produces fantastic work!! Denise is the type of person to match your energy on the day of your wedding. She is easygoing and willing to work with your bridal party. I loved my bridal parties' hair and mine!
Ciara Ennis
Added 11th Dec 2021
Wedding 22nd Oct 2021
I was so delighted with my choice of hair stylist, at the hair trial Denise looked through the pictures I had and the details I liked and didn't like and took it all on board. Denise is such an amazing person to have as part of your wedding, I cannot recommend her enough. She works fast and can create the most amazing styles in minutes! The fun she adds to a wedding morning really kicks the day off on a positive vibe. Thank you for the laugh, banter and fabulous hairstyles you created for me and the bridesmaids, all lasted perfectly throughout the day and night.
Added 5th Oct 2020
Wedding 28th Aug 2020
What a women! Denise is full of creativity and is an absolute pro at what she does. I loved that Denise made a point of telling me not be shy telling her if I didn’t like a particular style while she was doing my hair trial. In 40 minutes I think she created 5 styles for me, it was great to see so many options. I was never a huge fan of upstyles as I always felt very exposed having my hair up but Denise did such an amazing soft upstyle on me, I adored it and it stayed put all day. On the morning of the wedding she brought so much fun and a relaxed vibe to the house. I am delighted I choose Denise to do my hair and highly recommend her!
Ciara Griffin
Added 20th Mar 2020
Wedding 16th Mar 2020
Denise was my AMAZING hairstylist for my wedding. Honestly Denise has no shortage of talent. I am the most indecisive person when it comes to hair but Denise new exactly what to do and had me and my bridal party feeling and looking amazing. Denise is exactly who you want on the morning of your wedding. Denise is highly hilarious and will have you belly laughing all morning, she is very honest and fits in so well that you feel like you've known her for the longest time. Denise you are a wizard when it comes to hair. Thank you so much, I hope our paths cross again. I wish you every continued success, you truly deserve it x
Added 26th Mar 2020
Wedding 7th Mar 2020
Denise is the best stylist. Everyone in the wedding party was delighted with their hair. We all felt so glam!Denise is brilliant to work with and fab to have with us on the day.
Shauna Connolly
Added 24th Mar 2020
Wedding 29th Jan 2020
It was an absolute pleasure having Denise with us to style our hair the morning of my wedding. She has such a great attitude and is just the best craic! My bridesmaids could not believe just how quick (giving us plenty of time for pastries and prosecco!) but talented she is. I was so pleased with how my hair turned out -soft and not too ‘over-done’- yet Storm Jorge didn’t cause a hair to be out of place. My veil stayed put despite the best efforts of the gale force winds but my bridesmaids were able to take it out without disturbing the style. I can’t recommend Denise enough to be part of your wedding.
Added 10th Oct 2020
Wedding 18th Oct 2019
Denise so sorry I am only getting around to this now!! Could have sworn I done it last year! Anyway.. couldnt recommended Denise more, so easy to deal with, so down to earth which made me feel so at ease during my trial and made me look forward to having her around on the morning of the wedding. Denise is so reasonably priced,so talented and efficient - a true professional. Wishing you all the best for the future!
Added 7th Nov 2019
Wedding 4th Oct 2019
This woman is amazing !! Such Craic the morning of the wedding and as cool a cucumber . She doesn’t do stress which made the morning so enjoyable ! She is also amazing at hair . Can’t fault Denise ! X
Added 28th May 2019
Wedding 14th Apr 2019
Denise is a one in million personaility and an even better hairstylist. I couldn't recommend her enough, she made the getting ready process very relaxed and fun. My hair withstood the elements all day and into the early hours of the morning. Thanks a million Denise xo
Added 28th May 2019
Wedding 2nd Mar 2019
I loved my upstyle from Denise & she did an amazing job on my bridesmaids too so I'd happily recommend her!
Elaine Kelly
Added 30th Oct 2018
Wedding 16th Jun 2018
Denise did hair for myself, bridesmaids and my mum for my wedding and I can't recommend her highly enough. I wanted my hair up but was a little unsure about what style, but Denise brought my vague idea to life and did an amazing job on both my trial and the day. My hair stayed up the whole day and complemented my dress and veil so well. Denise was so much fun to have around on the morning of the wedding. I was a little nervous about the day but she completely put me at ease and made me feel amazing! Thank you Denise!
Added 12th Apr 2018
Wedding 31st Mar 2018
Firstly Denise is an absolute barrel of laughs! But I suppose the bit that everyone needs to know is that she works extremely fast and is absolutely amazing at her job, nothing is a problem! Such a lovely lady to have around the morning of your wedding too, super chilled regardless of how busy she may be!
Added 8th May 2018
Wedding 24th Feb 2018
Denise did the hair for my wedding in February and she made the process so easy. I was very indecisive and went for two trials - Denise was very patient and took the time to try different (yet very similar) styles until we found the one. On the morning she was great craic and got everyone done in good time. Mother of the bride, bride and bridesmaids were all delighted with her work. My veil never moved and she she was able to advise on other hair pieces to compliment the style. Hair lasted all night (and the next day). If you provide the coffee she'll provide the chats! Can't recommend her enough - brilliant hairdresser!
Eibhlin Harrison
Added 10th Feb 2018
Wedding 3rd Feb 2018
Denise was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She was so relaxed and easy going and yet she created the most amazing upstyles on the day. Everyone raved about my hair and it stayed looking perfect for nearly 2 days! If you're looking for someone who makes you both feel and look good, go for Denise!
Added 18th Jan 2018
Wedding 29th Dec 2017
Denise is AMAZING. From first contact with her I knew she was the one for me. I met her for my trial when I returned home for our wedding. First style she picked and tried was the one for me. She's so much fun to have around the morning of the wedding and I never once had to double check my hair all day. I cannot Thank her enough for the laughs we had that morning to keep me sane. And for making myself and my ladies look as amazing as we did From the bottom of my heart Denise. THANK YOU Much Love
Added 26th Oct 2017
Wedding 7th Oct 2017
I cannot recommend Denise highly enough! She did an amazing job with my hair (and I have a pixie-cut, so she did not have much to work with!!), and pinned my veil and headpiece so perfectly that they did not budge a millimeter until I took them out. My three bridesmaids were delighted with their hair also, and were happy to report that not a single curl was out of place by the end of the night! Such a fantastic stylist, and brilliant craic as well :)
Ruth O Farrell
Added 28th Jun 2017
Wedding 24th Jun 2017
Denise is a true professional. Her easy going nature and pure talent relaxes any situation. One of the best decisions I made was booking her as nothing phases this gem. After the big day you leave with happy memories, fab hair and a new friend ????????
Ciara O' Loughlin
Added 20th Mar 2017
Wedding 11th Mar 2017
I was so delighted I booked Denise for myself and my bridal party. She was excellent!. Everybody loved their hair and she was so lovely to deal with. Very laid back and put us all at ease. Would definitely recommend her! x
Nicola Flannery
Added 1st Feb 2017
Wedding 6th Jan 2017
Denise is one of the nicest and fun people I have ever met. She fit right in with my sisters on the morning of the wedding and the craic we had was awesome. As for our hair, I actually can't fault was absolutely perfect and I loved it as did everyone based on the comments I got. My sisters all loved their hair too and the Mums were perfect. My hair actually got soaked on the day of the wedding as it was drizzling for the entire set of photos and I was panicking about my hair....when I went to go check on it, thinking I'd have to re-do it or fix it in some way, it was still perfect. Magician!!!! Thanks Denise :)
Response from Denise Bray Hairstylist
thank you so much nicola delighted it lasted with the weather, sure we had a such a fun morning thank you for having me :)
Added 23rd Dec 2016
Wedding 18th Dec 2016
Denise is an absolutely incredible hair stylist and brought a lot of fun and laughter to the bridal prep! She very kindly agreed to do the bridal party hair styling on her day off as we were a week out from the wedding with no hair stylist due to a late cancellation! It was definitely meant to be as Denise created the style everyone wanted in record time with 4 bridesmaids my mom and even my nans hair done in under 3 hours with everyone delighted with what she did! She is extremely talented and quick and brings such fun to the morning of the wedding. I would recommend her to any bride!!!
Added 20th Dec 2016
Wedding 18th Dec 2016
Denise is an absolutely incredible hair stylist and brought a lot of fun and laughter to the bridal prep! She very kindly agreed to do the bridal party hair styling on her day off as we were a week out from the wedding with no hair stylist due to a late cancellation! It was definitely meant to be as Denise created the style everyone wanted in record time with 4 bridesmaids my mom and even my nans hair done in under 3 hours with everyone delighted with what she did! She is extremely talented and quick and brings such fun to the morning of the wedding. I would recommend her to any bride!!!
Response from Denise Bray Hairstylist
thanks so much mrs delighted i could help xx
Added 20th Dec 2016
Wedding 18th Dec 2016
Denise is an absolutely incredible hair stylist and brought a lot of fun and laughter to the bridal prep! She very kindly agreed to do the bridal party hair styling on her day off as we were a week out from the wedding with no hair stylist due to a late cancellation! It was definitely meant to be as Denise created the style everyone wanted in record time with 4 bridesmaids my mom and even my nans hair done in under 3 hours with everyone delighted with what she did! She is extremely talented and quick and brings such fun to the morning of the wedding. I would recommend her to any bride!!!
Added 29th Dec 2016
Wedding 4th Dec 2016
I would highly recommend Denise. Her work is excellent. I received multiple compliments with respect to my bridal hair on the day and subsequently. Denise, herself, is friendly, professional and easy going; everything a bride would want on her wedding day. Thanks Denise.
Caitriona Tierney Barker
Added 9th Dec 2016
Wedding 26th Nov 2016
Denise is brilliant in every single way. She can work with every single hair type. Her styles are amazing and she is so quick at it, she is just a natural at what she does. She is such a bubbly person and brings love and laughter to a stressful environment which creates a great and stress free start off to your day. When you tell her what you want she can't create that masterpiece. I would highly recommend her and have to many. I was made feel like a princess. I wish I could enjoy that experience again and I will be booking her for upcoming occasions in the future. Thank you Denise.
Aishling Smyth
Added 9th Dec 2016
Wedding 4th Nov 2016
Denise was able to recreate exactly what I had in my head only better for myself & my bridesmaids! A Such a lovely person to have around the morning of your wedding which is a bonus!
Linda nolan
Added 9th Dec 2016
Wedding 30th Oct 2016
Denise is brilliant would highly recommend her to anyone. She looked after myself , bridesmaids and mammys too. Works very fast and is great fun to have around on the day she did exactly what everyone wanted we were all happy with our hair. My hair stayed up all day and night and took it down the next and had a head full of gorgeous curls. Thanks so much again denise ;)
Mrs. Leon Blackadder
Added 12th Dec 2016
Wedding 9th Oct 2016
Denise is so talented and a hoot to be around! Her personality, her skill and whole demeanor made everything so easy for me. She responded to all of my enquiries in a timely manner and was always so helpful. On the morning of the wedding, Denise helped create a calm and fun environment and had my whole bridal party laughing, and we all loved her! All of our hair was stunning and stayed in place the whole day and looks fab in all the photos. 100% recommend!!
Added 6th Nov 2016
Wedding 7th Oct 2016
Denise was an absolute dream. She was talented and super capable. My hair is normally a flat mess and she created the most beautiful soft style which earned me so many compliments throughout the day. It also stayed put and was comfortable until the very small hours of the night. My bridesmaids all had different hairstyles, and they each looked fantastic. She works so quickly and so well that we even had time to change one of the hairstyles. We had such a good laugh that morning, she is a great giggle and exactly who you want in the room with you when you're getting ready. A very, very, very talented lady!
Gráinne Flynn
Added 17th Dec 2016
Wedding 22nd Sep 2016
I honestly cannot recommend Denise highly enough!! From the first time I met her for my wedding trial to the morning of the wedding she was so easy to deal with, so friendly, and knew exactly the styles I wanted for both myself and girls with minimal information from me. She made the morning of the wedding so relaxed and fun, she kept me and all the girls laughing the whole way through and she brought a great atmosphere to the house. I truly cannot thank you enough Denise for your amazing work. Myself and the girls were all thrilled with our hairstyles and it really stood the test of the day - we didn't even have to touch it up once!
Nicola Meaney
Added 9th Dec 2016
Wedding 16th Sep 2016
Denise was so amazing, so nice and so much fun. Came out of my hair trial in stitches laughing. Same the morning of the wedding and it really made the morning go with ease. Loved her to bits. Everyones hair was gorgeous. Mine actually lasted the whole day and night and that NEVER happens to me. Couldn't recommend Denise more. She is so talented and did listened to what I wanted, looked at pictures and was able to do recreate it all perfectly.
Tracey Kennedy
Added 10th Jan 2017
Wedding 4th Sep 2016
Denise is a lovely, funny, down to earth girl and a brilliant hairdresser. From the first message through to the big day she was great. When i told her i wanted big hair she gave me BIG hair!! The bridesmaids and flowergirls looked beautiful too. She even managed to calm my pre-wedding nerves. I would recommend Denise to everyone.
Ashling Egan
Added 12th Aug 2016
Wedding 22nd Jul 2016
Denise is not only a fantastic hairdresser but a really fun person to be around! For both of these reasons she was the perfect person to have present on the morning of my wedding. Denise had done my sister's wedding hair a couple of years previous to mine so I knew what a cool, talented girl she was. The morning of the wedding was full of laughter, craic and non stop chat. Denise had 7 of us to look after and she took it all in her stride. My BMs all went for different styles and I loved that they were all delighted with looking and feeling like the best version of themselves that day. She did an epic job on my hair which stayed put all day and night-through the boisterous hugs, glow stick skipping rope and late night moshing! In fact, I hated taking it down that night. I will 100% be recommending Denise to any of my family and friends looking for a wedding hair stylist in the future!!
Added 9th Dec 2016
Wedding 21st Jul 2016
Fantastic work xx
Added 28th Oct 2015
Wedding 12th Sep 2015
I had Denise doing my hair and four bridesmaids for my wedding. I cannot recommend Denise enough, definitely one of the best decisions I made to have her involved. She made everyone feel so relaxed and was like one of the family on the morning. She is great fun to have in the house and she stayed until we all left for the church. I was so happy with my hair and if you are lucky enough to get Denise you wont be disappointed.
Added 28th Jan 2016
Wedding 22nd Aug 2015
I found Denise to be very friendly and helpful. She listened to what I wanted and produced what I wanted. She is very good and quick at what she does. She doesn't believe in wasting time. And she was very helpful on the day. I would recommend her.
Added 19th Apr 2012
Choosing Denise to do your hair for your wedding is going to be one of the decisions you look back on after the big day and think " I'm so glad I did that"!!! Not only is she an extremely talented hairdresser with great vision and skills but she also has the knack of making you feel like you've been friends for years and therefore you feel comfortable in her presence which is really important when someone is coming into your home on let's face it a potentially pretty stressful morning of your life. Denise keeps it calm, lighthearted yet controlled. She does great work and I definitely recommend her.
Added 8th Nov 2011
What can I say about Denise? Well, I think she is just amazeballs!!! Denise was recommended to me by Deborah Curran, makeup artist extraordinaire , who did my makeup on the day, Debbie and Denise team up together and the two of them are just absolutely brilliant. I planned my wedding from the States which was extra stressful but the first time I spoke with Denise, she was so lovely, she put me at ease straight away. My trial was very last minute, just a couple of days before the wedding but I was confident I had chosen the right person to do my hair! You can tell she is passionate about what she does which makes a difference. I had some really good laughs with her, she is so easy going and that helped the 'ol nerves too. I really can't say enough good things about her! Thank you Denise!!
Added 5th Oct 2011
Denise is the most talented and efficient hairdressers around. She realty listens to you and will give sound advice , (like talking you out of getting purple hair), and her talent is evident from the first consultation. I can't recommend her enough.
Added 1st Oct 2011
I can't recommend Denise enough . . . she was fantastic to deal with, had loads of ideas and suggestions and made sure I was completely happy with my hair staying until we left for the church to make sure that everything was perfect including the veil. I got so many compliments on both my own and the bridesmaids hair the day of my wedding. She was so good that both my friends have subsequently used her for their weddings and they both looked amazing on their big days.
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