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Kippure Estate

Kippure Estate, Manor Kilbride, Co. Wicklow
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Steeped in history and heritage with spectacular Wicklow mountain views, beautifully renovated accommodation, on site riverside church and a brand new wedding pavilion, it is easy to see why Kippure Estate is one of the most unique wedding venues Ireland has to offer.

At Kippure Estate no request is too big or small. Whether your dream wedding day is extravagant or intimate, we can do whatever your heart’s desire. Our team will strive at every step to make your vision come to life, so that you can relax and enjoy every moment of the most memorable day of your life. Here at Kippure estate our expert wedding team are ready to make all of your dreams come true.

Kippure Estate, set in the woodlands of Co. Wicklow, is a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Why not extend your Wedding Day into a holiday and make use of the beautiful surroundings and facilities we have on offer. Be it a three day or five day affair, we can continue the magic as long as you desire. We want your wedding to be a once in a lifetime experience filled with happiness and laughter, don’t just limit it to one day...

Please get in contact with our wedding executive Noelle Quinn who will be happy to send you on our wedding brochure and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful slice of heaven.


50 reviews
Quality of service4.7/5
Conall & Sue
Added 19th Aug 2022
Wedding 16th Jul 2022
Thank you so much for making our weeding weekend the most amazing and perfect time of our lives. Everything worked out so well, and everyone had such a good time. Big thank you to the whole Kippure team you for making it happen. Highly recommended!
Sarah and Clayton
Added 19th Aug 2022
Wedding 4th Jun 2022
Our wedding got cancelled in 2020 like so many other couples. Our original venue couldn't do our wedding the following year. We had to prospone for another year. We had to book a venue without seeing it during lockdown quicky and in our hearts it wasn't what we wanted. We were getting really tired of changing venue and dates when we received a lovely phone call in October. I had a magical conversation with a lady called Noelle. I filled her in on the journey of the two years gone by, and that we weren't much further along, and that the place we did have booked, was just about the money and we felt they didn't even care about us or our wedding. We were just another number to them. She said come up and see the place and we'll try do everything in our power to sort your special day. The wedding was less than nine months at this point. When we arrived up, we couldn't believe the beauty of Kippure Estate, absolutely stunning!!!! Trees, mountains, animals and just pure beauty in every direction.This was the outdoor setting we dreamed off. We met with Noelle and Carole, they showed us the wedding venue and we were just in aww. We decided to take a huge gamble and change for the final time. We loved it so much we even lost our €1000 deposit for the hotel we had booked. We couldn't believe how nice the two women were. We felt like royalty. Was it too good to be true? Absolutely not!!!!! The wedding day arrived and oh boy! We were so mentally drained and tired from three years of sorting. They did absolutely everything for us. All our suppliers said they were the nicest venue they had ever dealt with. I was treated like a princess all day. The staff were out of this world, the food was just something you would see in a movie and our guests are still talking about it months later.Our family and friends said it was the best wedding they ever attended. We had people enjoying the wedding so much that they were up dancing before the dinner. I never saw anything like it, and I have been to loads of weddings. Everyone was just having pure fun and enjoyment. It wasn't just a wedding it was a fairy-tale. Noelle the coordinator put her heart and soul into the tiniest of detail, Keith checked in with me all day and what stood out for me was that I was dairy intolerant and he went and got me a dairy free bar. Just so kind and thoughtful every little thing I never thought of was accounted for. We were truly blown away by how much they all cared for us. Even though it was still under construction. They went above any expectations we could have imagined. You won't be disappointed if you book your wedding here, because their heart is in what they do. Words can't even describe the day we had. I wish I could do it all again and I can't wait to go back up again
Joe & Madison
Added 15th Aug 2022
Wedding 13th Nov 2021
Kippure Estate captures a type of romance you can’t often find outside of a novel: in rugged mountains and roaring fires, delicate fairy lights and elegant decor, rich cuisine and perfectly poured pints. Our wedding at Kippure was nothing short of magical. We spent a weekend surrounded by the blazing autumn colours of Wicklow, and the care and attention of Carole, Noelle, Paddy and the team. They worked with us to make every detail not just exactly how we wanted, but better than we could imagine. In all of these ways, the team at Kippure made sure my partner and I were the centre of everything at our wedding, we truly felt that it was our day! You can feel the love that goes into the Estate; it is infectious. Even the day after was incredible. The smell of pines and smoke hanging in the air on the soft morning only compared to the warmth of everyone gathered on the porch for a delicious breakfast, still smiling from the day before. Even weeks later, our guests were still talking about the magic and beauty of our wedding at Kippure! The whole wedding weekend was magical! Kippure is breathtaking, and your work is apparent in every corner of the grounds. The pub provided a cozy hub across the whole weekend, and the cabins were a lovely communal gathering point as well. I can honestly say that this was maybe the best weekend of our lives. Throughout the entire event, almost every single one of our guests came up to us to tell us how this is how a wedding should be done, and that it was their favourite wedding they’ve ever attended. While we are incredibly proud, I hope you all can feel some of this pride too. It was excellent at every moment. The food was absolutely class! We and our guests were most impressed by the canapes, especially the banh mi, the roast beef at dinner, and the desserts. I am not kidding when I say that was one of the best pumpkin pies I’ve ever had. The continental breakfast was also phenomenal. We had a bunch of folks say they preferred it to the ‘usual’ hot breakfast! The decorations were perfect, and echoed the environment so beautifully. Noelle, you really made the space so gorgeous, balancing elegance with the rustic surroundings. Thank you to the team for being flexible and caring from the moment we met with the team straight through to checking in on us days after the event! Finally, the team did fantastic attending to Madison and helping her out - bringing breakfast down, prioritising her concerns, and being so encouraging and supportive. The team really made us and our guests feel like family, the kind you actually want at your wedding! We can’t wait to come back to visit, say hi to Annabelle, and explore Wicklow some more! I also just want to say, quite shortly, that we were only able to afford this because the team worked with us, were sympathetic, and understood our needs for a humble, intimate, and beautiful weekend.
Jennifer and Gar
Added 15th Aug 2022
Wedding 2nd Oct 2021
I just wanted to say a massive heart felt thank you for everything you both did to make Saturday happen without a single hitch. You both put so much into the day, weeks, months before it and it truly showed on the day with how amazing everything was. The whole team, yourselves, Paddy, Keith, Geraldine and everybody involved in Kippure went above and beyond to make it literally magical. The compliments on the food, decor, set up and staff have not stopped. The staff were absolutely amazing every person anyone came in contact with left an impression. Keith would have me floored if I accepted every drink he offered me :) :) he was amazing. Again we cant thank you enough and would like to pop down one of the days if you are both there whenever suits you both.
Paddy & Stacey
Added 15th Aug 2022
Wedding 4th Sep 2021
Carole, Noelle, Geraldine, Paddy, Keith and all the staff at Kippure saved our wedding and made it not only the best day of our lives but one of the best days of all our friends and families lives. We were originally due to get married in June 2020 having booked Kippure as our venue in 2019. Even Pre-pandemic we struggled getting responses or and communication from the wedding team running Kippure at that time, when someone did answer an email or the phones we were assured that there would be much closer communication as our wedding approached and that the delayed response times were due to them prioritising immediately impending weddings. As you can imagine this did not help the stress levels of a couple trying to arrange a wedding from abroad. The stress levels got worse at the start of 2020 for obvious reasons. We postponed in May of 2020 and in doing so got our only immediate response from the former wedding team who gave us a new date in September 2021. With a new date over a year away the Wedding took a backseat as the pandemic took over the world. Everything was shut and most people were furloughed or WFH so we paid little mind to not receiving and replies to our keeping in touch emails however this did start to get a bit worrying in spring of 2021 when the world started to re-open and we still had no correspondence from anyone at Kippure. The worry tipped over into full on crisis in May 2021(4 months from our intended date) when, shortly after the birth of our first child, my brother decided to take a drive up to Kippure to see if there was anyone around to find out what was going on and why we had not been contacted. He arrived to the venue expecting the lush green fields and breath-taking mountain views but instead was greeted with JCB’s and gigantic building site. Our fortunes changed on June 8th when I received a phone call from Carole, she introduced herself as the new proprietors of Kippure estate and from that moment on the entire outlook of the wedding changed. She had just got the keys to the site but was aware of our wedding and asked for a few days to find their feet. From our short conversation I remember feeling confident that we would be married as we planned, that seems strange to say with everything that had gone on with the world and the venue since we set a date but it was the first time I felt like we would actually be having a wedding of some sort on the day we had planned. In our first official wedding meeting we were introduced to Noelle and its truly hard to describe this on paper but I don’t think I’ve ever met two people in my life that are as good at their jobs as Carole and Noelle are at theirs. They immediately shared our vision for the day, they understood what we asked for, they guided us to options we had not considered but ultimately loved, they got us excited and made us feel reassured but most importantly they were always in contact with us, whether it be a call or a text or an email or our weekly Zoom meetings we felt informed and involved with everything going on with the wedding and the build. To any prospective clients reading this I promise you this is absolutely golden, planning a wedding(especially from a different country) is like juggling a thousand different objects and having professionals like Carole and Noelle take some of those objects away made the process exactly what it should be, fun and exciting. When the world finally reopened and we were able to visit Kippure again I went alone as my bride to be still was unable to fly and we had a very small baby to look after. I didn’t know what to expect, our original plans for the day involved a ceremony on a lawn with a drinks reception in a gazebo and our meal in a marquee complete with fancy portaloo’s (portaloo’s all the same) but I was absolutely awestruck when we arrived to the site and saw the difference in the site to what it had once been. The old bar and gazebo were gone and replaced with and amazing new Pub that was warm and welcoming and felt like every local I’ve ever had (and there’s been a few). The marquee had been replaced with a stunning pavilion with views of the breath-taking landscape and indoor toilets! The ceremony area was yet to be completed but from the little I knew of these fantastic women, Carole and Noelle, it was very clear they were going to give us the wedding of our dreams and the night of our lives. And they did, they took all our ideas and all our conversations and gave us everything we asked for and more. The ceremony was spectacular, the venue magnificent, the Staff fantastic, the food to die for, literally everything we had hoped for they executed perfectly. This continued for the entire weekend, they couldn’t do enough for us and all our guests. The Hog roast on day 2 and all the breakfasts over the weekend- everything was without fault. So Carole and Noelle and everyone at Kippure from Myself, Stacey, Éadagh, all our families and friends thank you so much for being involved with our wedding and making it everything we dreamt of an more, we can’t wait to get back and stay with you again.
Added 23rd Jul 2022
Wedding 1st Jul 2021
We fell in love with the venue the first time we saw it so we booked it on the day for our July 2020 wedding. It was all going great until COVID happened. We still managed to rebook for July 2021 and it was fine until I messaged the venue in January asking about the situation for 2021 weddings. Was offered a refund as they weren't sure if they would reopen at all. So we accepted as we could still find a new venue. After sending our bank details for refund the wedding coordinator started ignoring my calls, texts and emails. Couldn't get through the venue number either. After months of trying she finally decided to text me that the owners will be in touch soon. And of course this never happened either. Finally managed to get through them AFTER our wedding date has passed and was told they didn't know us and that they didn't owe us anything.... We paid them 2k which we were told we would get back... So if this is the way they treat everyone I hope no one else will book with them... We were left with no wedding and no refund. Absolutely disgraceful behavior! All I can do now is warn future brides... Just be careful in case they decide they don't have any records of you paying them.....
Shannon Glaspy
Added 20th Sep 2019
Wedding 6th Sep 2019
My husband and I got married at Kippure Sept 2019 and can honestly say it was the best day ever. The entire staff at Kippure were incredibly helpful, kind and patient, and took care of things that we didn't even know needed to be taken care of on the day, ensuring that we were not stressed at all. They took care to make sure that all aspects of the venue were beautifully decorated in the style that we wanted, and kept the day fun and relaxed while still accommodating everyone's needs. For a beautiful outdoor setting with fabulous staff, Kippure is the best bet. I know I am forgetting plenty of people, but a special thanks to Sinead, Ann, Cecilia, Orla and Tom. They were so patient and thoughtful with overseas bookings, set-up, guests with limited mobility and more. Very flexible venue, able to deal splendidly with guests from oversees and was a one stop shop for all we needed.
Response from Kippure Estate
Dear Shannon, Thank you for leaving such a wonderful review. Feedback such as yours is extremely important to us and we do appreciate your input. We are very pleased that you loved your experience of Kippure Estate, my colleagues will definitely be happy to read what you had to say about us. We put customer experience and satisfaction first, so your review reaffirms the hard work we put in every day pays off! So, thanks again for your kind words and we wish you all the best for the future!
Pam & Rob
Added 27th Nov 2019
Wedding 28th Aug 2019
Hi Sinead, Just back from honeymoon and back to reality today! On behalf of myself and Rob, I just wanted to thank you all so so much for creating the most perfect day for us on the 28th! It was everything we had hoped for and so much more. We were blessed with the weather and were absolutely made-up to be able to have the ceremony in the woods. The decoration and touches you put down there made it so beautiful. The marquee and lawn looked equally as beautiful. Big big thanks to Cecylia who was incredible from the minute we arrived. She was so lovely and did such an amazing job with laying our decorations and bits and pieces around. Everybody commented on how fantastic the food was (hog roast), it really was delicious !! So thank you, and to everyone else behind the scenes that made our day so special, we really couldn't have asked for anymore. Pam & Rob
Response from Kippure Estate
Dear Pam and Rob… what lovely comments from you two! We all work very hard at Kippure Estate to give wedding couples the best experience possible, and to hear you say it was the most perfect day for you … well, at the risk of sounding corny - that is all the thanks we need! Total job satisfaction! We're very glad your day was everything you wanted, and you were both a pleasure to work with! All the best in the future, and thanks again for choosing Kippure Estate. Best, Sinead
Aaron & Soph
Added 27th Nov 2019
Wedding 25th Aug 2019
Looking back and everything really was perfect for us, and couldn't have imagined it any better. The only complaint is that it went by too quickly!! The setting, the food and staff were all fantastic and we're already thinking of an excuse to hold a big family party with you again! Kind regards, Aaron & Soph!
Response from Kippure Estate
Dear Aaron and Soph, many thanks for your fantastic comments about your day! We really appreciate that your wedding at Kippure Estate was perfect for you! We are truly delighted that it exceeded your expectations! We wish you both every success as husband and wife, and we hope we meet again at some point. Big 2020 family party at Kippure perhaps? :-) We would be so delighted. All the best! The Kippure Wedding Team.
Bróna Uí Loing
Added 20th Aug 2019
Wedding 26th Jul 2019
loved the venue we had a wonderful time and everyone was so helpful and nice
Response from Kippure Estate
Thank you for this lovely feedback! All the best. The Kippure Estate wedding team.
Karen and Anthony
Added 3rd Sep 2019
Wedding 29th Jun 2019
We had our wedding here the end of June. Sinead, Cecylia and the team at Kippure estate were incredible. Sinead was an amazing wedding coordinator and really went above and beyond to make our day special. the little touches like matching the wild flowers to our pastel colour theme and stocking our crisp cart for us were very much appreciated and a lovely touch. The food was amazing we went for the hog roast and had guest complementing the food even now two months later. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to getting married to view this venue, it is picturesque and the team at kippure estate are very professional and are there to help.
Response from Kippure Estate
Dear Karen and Anthony, Thank you for leaving us such a wonderful review. We are very pleased that you loved your experience of Kippure Estate, my colleagues will definitely be happy to read what you had to say about us. We put customer experience and satisfaction first, so your review reaffirms the hard work we put in every day pays off! So thanks for your kind words and we look forward to seeing you again.
Bláthnaid Treacy & Charlie Moon
Added 27th Nov 2019
Wedding 14th Jun 2019
Where to begin.... Charlie and I immediately fell in love with Kippure, it’s so close to Dublin, yet you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. The drive up to the estate is so picturesque filled with postcard views of the Wicklow mountains. Upon meeting the General Manager Sine?ad, it was quite clear that we were in safe hands. She brought us around the estate informing us on the many options for our ceremony and we got a real feel for what the day would be like. Their website is great as they have pictures from lots of other couples weddings so you can really envision your own day. What we really liked about Kippure was that in some ways it’s a blank canvas, you can really put your own stamp on your day with decor and flowers. Speaking of flowers, Kippure were amazing for us, they put so much thought and effort into the table centres and the ceremony. Sine?ad was so easy to work with and very quick to get back to us, she made us feel so at ease and couldn’t have done enough for us. Anything we suggested was as good as done. She helped us every step of the way and was very happy to deal with any last minute changes. Our wedding party stayed in two of the houses the night before the wedding. We had a chance to meet the decoration team and talked through every detail to make sure it would be just right on the day. We then had a beautiful meal in the bar and arranged breakfast to be delivered to the houses the following morning along with sandwiches in the afternoon. The morning of the wedding we woke to a huge breakfast delivered to our door along with anything we needed. We initially wanted to have our ceremony outside, but alas we had a Winter wedding in the middle of June, but this didn’t affect our day, Sine?ad and her team quickly turned the smaller marquee attached to the bar into a beautiful ceremony room and it looked so beautiful, with candles and flowers everywhere. As it was raining, Sine?ad made sure I was driven from my room to the marquee, which I didn’t even suggest. The fact that it rained meant that all our guests stayed together rather than dispersing around the estate which was really nice. We had a trad band play at our drinks reception in the traditional Irish bar, this really got the party started. There was a break in the weather so Charlie and I went to take some beautiful photos around the estate, and it was actually such a nice 40 minutes or so where we got to spend some time together. We got some stunning photo’s as the landscape is so beautiful in Kippure. It’s worth getting your photographer to have a proper look around to find some beautiful places to get some portraits. The food was really good and Kippure have plenty of options, depending on whatever budget you’re working with. We also wanted our wedding cake to be served as dessert, which again, was no problem at all. That was the response we got for everything, “no problem”, everything was done swiftly and with care. The waiting staff were all so polite and helpful, one waitress Anna even held one of our guests babies while she ate her dinner, Billy is a particularly cute baby! The transition from the speeches, to serving meals, to clearing plates was all so seamless you hardly noticed it was happening. In terms of sound systems and equipment, Kippure had everything we needed and were great when it came to our band and DJ setting up. They made sure they had everything they needed and it all went without a hitch! We partied well into the night/ wee hours and there was never any pressure to finish up. It was a huge success, a bloody great night and we’d love to do it all over again! Thank you so much to all the team in Kippure, especially Sine?ad who was a God send and made everything so easy for Charlie and I. Bláthnaid Treacy and Charlie Moon
Response from Kippure Estate
Dear Bláthnaid and Charlie, Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review! We are so pleased that you liked us and our service, accommodation, food and onsite facilities; but also of course that you found our staff helpful and friendly – prior to your wedding and on the day of your wedding. Thank you also for pointing out one of the many advantages of Kippure Estate for your wedding: the beautiful surroundings and the easy walking distance to lovely spots (for photos) within the estate, all of them offering an amazing mountain backdrop. Best wishes to both of you on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together. We are proud to have been part of your big day! Sinead and the Kippure Estate Wedding Team
Added 27th Jun 2019
Wedding 31st May 2019
We had our wedding here in May 2019 and it couldn't have been any better. It was above all our expectations. From start to finish all the staff were a pleasure to deal with. Everything on the day and leading up to it went without a hitch. Cecylia and Sinead were very helpful and did their best to ensure we had a great and stress free day. Luckily the weather was kind to us so we were fortunate to have the ceremony outdoors. The views are spectacular and a great backdrop for a wedding. The food was amazing, we went for the hot/cold buffet. It ran very smoothly. All of our guests were very well fed with many going for second and third helpings. Accommodation was perfect for our needs and everyone was able to be catered for. We highly recommend this venue for any couples looking for a laid back, rustic wedding location. Thanks so much for a wonderful day to all the staff at Kippure Estate.
Response from Kippure Estate
Hi Alan, Many thanks for your lovely review! We're delighted you had such a wonderful wedding with us here at Kippure. You're a lovely couple. We really loved the entire planning process for your wedding! You said I made it stress free for you, but that definitely goes both ways, as you also made it completely stress free for us! Best of luck and I hope you have a fantastic life together! Many thanks from all of us here at Kippure Estate!
Kirsty and Luke
Added 21st Sep 2019
Wedding 29th May 2019
Overall Stars: 3* I need to start off this review by saying we fell in love with the location as soon as we started to explore venue options. We contacted Kippure and we received a response from Cary (wedding co-ordinator at time of booking). Cary responded to us promptly and was so helpful in exploring our options with us. As we were organizing the wedding from Australia it was difficult to call and discuss options and Cary was amazing in organizing time for us to talk and was happy to provide a lot of information and communication through email. I would give Cary 5 stars for all his help and support and could not fault him in anyway. He put us at ease in our decision making and we felt comfortable and confident that our wedding would be exactly the way we wanted it and that we would be fully involved in every aspect of the organization! Location 5 Stars: Absolutely beautiful. The grounds are amazing and the backdrop of the Dublin/Wicklow mountains can not be faulted in any way! Food 4.5 Stars: Delicious! We had so many compliments about our Chinese Buffet. Our guests loved that it was different and were able to have second helpings! Compliments to the chef and no complaints can be made about the quality or quantity of the food! One small issue, our evening finger food was not the food we had ordered and we were not told about this prior and no acknowledgement of it after. Again no complaints about the quality of the food, it was all delicious. Accommodation 3 Stars: You don’t book Kippure for the accommodation, you book it for the beautiful surroundings. The accommodation does the job! Some small issues with keys being hard to work and the houses needing to be fixed up in some areas (we had a broken toilet lid in our house, the bridal suite). Wedding Team: Unfortunately Cary left Kippure and we’re still unsure whether there is an actual replacement for him or not. Following Cary’s departure we were put in touch with the general manager who we did not find as helpful or as accommodating as Cary, while we understand the wedding team was probably under stress following Cary’s departure, we did not feel this was handled very well and we felt very out of the loop in relation to what was happening with our Wedding. We found emails would go unanswered for a number of weeks, despite follow up emails sent and when we were responded it the response was often short. Information changed along the way, we were initially told by Cary that Kippure do not hold weddings on consecutive days and were informed we could set up our decorations (ourselves as we had a lot of DIY) the day before the wedding. We were told less than 3 weeks before the wedding we could not do this and found out there was a wedding the day before ours (which we found out ourselves, we were not told about it). We were told the Wedding Team would organize the set up for us and I was told my husband could go check on the morning of the Wedding that everything was set up right! This was not what we wanted! We had also been told by the general manager that Kippure would provide a dance floor for us, this was not provided. We were also told since initially booking our wedding that we would be meeting with Jenny (Wedding Operations Specialist) the day before our wedding to go through everything, this did not happen and we never got to meet Jenny (although our parents did during a viewing of Kippure and had nothing but positive things to say about Jenny!). When we arrived to meet Jenny the day before the wedding we were told on arrival she wasn’t there, the lady at reception advised she’d find out who was meeting with us, came back told us we would be meeting with Cycelia, asked us to wait and then came back and said we’d be meeting with Martin. This all made us very uneasy the day before our Wedding as it seemed like no one knew what was happening. That was until we met Martin! Martin (operations manager) was our saving Grace! From the moment we met Martin we were put at ease and felt like Martin knew exactly what had to happen, when it had to happen! Martin went through our whole day with us and clarified all the small bits. Martin reassured us in every way possible. On the morning of the wedding Martin checked in with us to make sure everything was okay, he arranged our breakfast to be brought to the bridal house (this had been forgotten about but Martin fixed it) and he personally took all our decorations and noted where everything had to be. Bridal Suite/Breakfast: Again you don’t book Kippure for the accommodation so we didn’t have high expectations for the Bridal Suite, we had previously been told it would be the most recently renovated house and this was fine with us. The one problem we did have with the Bridal Suite was: having stayed there the night before (bridal party) we were asked on the morning of the wedding (following the ceremony) to remove all our belongings so the house could be prepared for us for the wedding night. This caused a bit of stress to our parents and groomsmen who moved our belongings while we were having photos taken and wouldn’t have bothered us so much if anything had have been done with the house, BUT, other than making the bed again (not changing the sheets/covers – there was makeup/tan left from my bridesmaid on the covers that night) nothing else was done. The house wasn’t cleaned, the breakfast from that morning was still in the kitchen and the glasses from our drinks were still in the sink. It bothered us that a fuss was made to move all our stuff, when the house wasn’t even cleaned! The other problem we had was our breakfast the next day. We had been told we would get our breakfast to the Bridal Suite the next morning, however this never happened. We waited around the house for the breakfast to arrive (as there is no signal would could not call to find out where the breakfast was) and as we waited so long in the house, by the time we went over to the Marquee where everyone else was having breakfast, most of the hot breakfast was gone. Again we got no acknowledgement or apology for this. Overall: We had an amazing day and the wedding itself went off without a hitch, I would 100% recommend Kippure to others for the views and location alone, however I do think management need to take a look at how weddings are currently being managed.
Response from Kippure Estate
Dear Kirsty and Luke, Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed your wedding in general and also the food. We are also happy that you liked the wonderful setting of Kippure Estate in the Wicklow Mountains… and we appreciate your honesty with regards to the accommodation, and would like to point out that we are currently in the process of refurbishing our lodges. We are sorry to hear about the lack of communication and can definitely understand your disappointment. We sincerely want to improve our services and have addressed this issue with senior management as well as taking steps to improve communication internally - and with customers. Apologies again for any discomfort caused. Thank you once again for your review and we do hope that we have the opportunity of welcoming you back to Kippure Estate in the future. All the best from all of us here at Kippure Estate!
Siobhra & Will Disdale
Added 9th Sep 2018
Wedding 25th Aug 2018
This was the only venue that we looked at - we fell in love with the views and the atmosphere the moment we arrived. We were a little apprehensive about their ability to host a wedding, but as soon as we met Cary (and later Jenny) we knew we'd made the right decision! From the moment that we arrived on Friday, until we left on Monday morning, it was a fantastic experience. The food throughout the weekend was excellent (we had food in the marquee on Friday night, our wedding on Saturday and then a BBQ on Sunday) and all the staff were exceptional! All of our guests commented on the great food, the relaxed ambience and the amazing scenery - many saying it was the best wedding that they had been to. Jenny was there on the day and everything was perfect - nothing was too much trouble. She made the day so relaxed and enjoyable. The houses are basic, but they were all clean and good value for money. If you are looking for a relaxed, enjoyable venue, we can't recommend Kippure enough!
Christina & Vinnie Walker
Added 2nd Nov 2018
Wedding 17th Aug 2018
We had the most incredible wedding weekend in Kippure Estate. From our initial meeting with Cary (wedding co-ordinator) in Kippure to our actual wedding nothing was too much trouble for Cary and his team.He was a true professional,an absolute gentleman and a very kind man. Jenny in charge of all the decorating and looking after us on the day couldn't have made any improvements on the excellent job she provided ourselves and guests with which ensured our wedding went off without a hitch.The lads Christy & Tom in the bar were great craic and ensured no one went thirsty. All the staff who served us our fabulous dinners (well done Chef and kitchen staff) were very friendly, polite and very efficient. The barbeque on Saturday was delicious and no one was hungry afterwards. Anne and staff in reception were at our beck and call without hesitation. Our accommodation was superb and the scenery was stunning. Would we do it all again? Oh God yes, in a heart beat and we wouldn't change a single thing. Cary, Jenny and all the staff in Kippure, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the most treasured memories of our lives. Chris & Vinnie Walker
Added 24th Oct 2018
Wedding 4th Aug 2018
We had an absolutely fantastic day in Kippure for our Wedding in August. From Start to finish what a perfect, stress free venue for our Wedding. Kippure is such a relaxed, fun yet perfect venue and we would highly recommend. The complete unspoilt beauty of the venue and surrounds really creates a spectacular backdrop. Our guests all said they had a fantastic day and the pictures say it all! The staff at Kippure could not have done any more, from the planning at the beginning with Cary to the fantastic management on the day from Jenny and team, the day flowed seamlessly, they went out of their way to accommodate everything. We left the decoration and everything up to the team in Kippure and the venue looked really really beautiful, exceeding all expectations. We had a second day of a Barbeque which really finished off the weekend with their famous pig on a spit! I couldn’t recommend it more, we had an absolute ball! Thank you so much for making it such a special day. Anne & John xxx
Gwen & Scott
Added 8th Sep 2018
Wedding 23rd Jun 2018
We had our wedding at Kippure on the 23rd and 24th June 2018, when viewing the venue and meeting Cary we straight away fell in love with Kippure. All the wishes that we had were taken in consideration and were executed as best as possible. The communication with Cary was very friendly and quick replies. The day before we met Jenny and the rest of the staff and made sure that everything was as we wanted. We cannot stress enough how it is for a bride and groom not having to worry about a thing. The staff, the venue and the food were absolutely amazing and more then we good have wished for. Thanks again to all the staff at Kippure for making our day the way we had in mind, everything was amazing to make a day we would never forget.
Added 19th Oct 2018
Wedding 15th Jun 2018
We had our wedding in Kippure in June of this year. It was the first and only place we viewed. We just fell in love with the place. The views, the feeling, everything was just what we wanted. Nothing was too much trouble, no queries left unanswered...right up to the day of the wedding. We wanted a real relaxed day and it was just perfect, everything was seamless(or so it seemed to us ????) I would recommend Kippure to anyone I know for weddings, parties, events. Can't speak highly enough about it!
Fiona & Carol
Added 14th Oct 2018
Wedding 4th May 2018
We found Kippure Estate to be an amazing venue to get married. We had a gorgeous day for our outdoor wedding. All the staff are very professional and eager to make the day perfect. The venue and the food were exactly what we wanted. We couldn’t recommend Kippure Estate enough. Thank you for our special memories.
Suniva Peters
Added 21st Sep 2017
Wedding 20th Aug 2017
Amazing venue, brilliant coordinators and just the perfect day! Excellent value also
Helen Corscadden
Added 7th Apr 2017
Wedding 31st Mar 2017
We got married here 31 march 2017 and the staff were wonderful, especially Jenny who created the beautiful decor and who knowing how much we wanted an outdoor ceremony held out til the last minute to decide. Alas the weather won and we had our ceremony in the marquee but it did not spoil it one bit. It was beautiful in every way. A thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable day by all with fantastic food and well mannered staff. Thank you!
Mary & Ben
Added 22nd Mar 2017
Wedding 11th Mar 2017
The good: From the moment we first viewed Kippure Estate, I think that both of us knew that we were not going to even bother looking at other venues. The setting and location are amazing, offering stunning views which were perfect for us and what we wanted. When Mary first saw the gazebo, she knew straight away that that’s where she wanted us to get married. Of all the compliments we’ve received from our guests, the sheer natural beauty of the wedding setting was the most prevalent. The wedding staff at Kippure are truly a credit to the organisation. Unlike other venues, nobody at Kippure ever said to us, “we offer X, Y and Z, which would you like?” It felt more like you actually wanted to help us create our perfect day and bent over backwards to help us achieve it. Cary and Jenny, as well as all of the supporting staff, went out of their way to make Mary and myself feel like royalty. It was not only the bigger things like flowers, décor etc. that we noticed, but little gestures such as giving the bride a lift between the reception and marquee locations. It felt as though nothing was too much trouble or too much of an ask. The venue looked stunning and was everything we’d envisaged and more. The food was fantastic! Lots of people commented on just how good the food was, and it really was! There was something to suit every palate and all of it was of great quality (and quantity). The hog roast was fantastic because it allowed us to pick and choose the extra dishes we liked, and added another level of flexibility and personalisation. Apparently, the scones and the fish and chips were great. I say apparently, because I didn’t get the chance to have any. On the whole, however, once again, in addition to the overall thought and quality that went into the food, little touches like setting up the sweet cart, the cake and our cheese wheel cake were noticed and thoroughly appreciated. We can’t thank you and the team enough for all your hard work, professionalism and help. You aided us in creating a unique day at a unique venue. Most of our guests commented on how the day was so us. It was, but the staff helped us to create that vision. On the day, Jenny was absolutely fantastic and took away a lot of the stress and hassle from us. She was incredible! We also have to compliment the bar staff for being very, very efficient. Lots of our guests have commented on just how good the staff behind the bar were. The not so good: These comments more pertain to the venue as a whole, rather than the wedding team, because we really can't fault them at all. Some of our guests complained about the state of the roads on the venue. Our guests had to walk between the place where the ceremony took place, the reception area and the marquee where dinner was being held, back to the accommodation. The walk itself wasn't really an issue, but the road was. Something to bear in mind if you have elderly guests. Some of the guests also complained about the standard of accommodation in the lodge itself. Note it was only in the lodge, all the guests were happy with the accommodation elsewhere. I know that the main building was affected by fire over the summer, so this could be related. There was an issue with hot water in some of the houses on the morning after our wedding, but in fairness to the venue, those who complained were given a discount. That said, none of these issues affected us. The only thing that left a bit of a sour taste was being asked to pay for our stay on the night before the wedding upon departure. We were never told that we would receive a free stay for the night before the wedding, so we have no complaints over being hoodwinked. However, when paying X amount for a venue, an extra night's complimentary stay wouldn't have been too much of an ask (especially considering the bride and groom's parents did not receive complimentary stays). The bottom line: If you want a unique venue that you can personalise to your own tastes and idiosyncrasies, then Kippure Estate is highly recommended. There are some areas where it lacks polish, but the charm more than makes up for it. If we were getting married all over again, we'd get married at Kippure Estate.
Ciara Foley
Added 21st Oct 2016
Wedding 12th Sep 2016
I had my wedding in Kippure just over a month ago. We had an absolutely brilliant day and all the stressing out I had done up until then just disappeared (mostly). We had booked Kippure a year previous. It was the only venue we went to see and immediately I knew it was perfect for us. We have had both good and bad experiences with Kippure. The food and wine tasting was a disaster. We were served food that was not on our menu, the chef stormed off and I was glared at when I took it upon myself to continue the wine tasting as we were left alone for hours. The venue were very apologetic about this situation. Then there was a fire at the venue. I was positive at the start and it wasn’t until the wedding got closer I started to worry as I had to wait 7 weeks to get a response from reception and the wedding co-ordinator was vague when it came to the fire damage. From the beginning I found Cary, the wedding co-ordinator, professional but not very personable. I didn’t think this would matter because I felt like he would do a good job however when I had issues/concerns I felt that he was dismissive and defensive. I have spoken to other brides who felt the same. His response was to pick out positive sentences from my previous emails and blame things on me not answering my Irish phone that was no longer in use, not answering my UK phone during work hours and one email that was blocked from my end. A few weeks before the wedding my sister and mam went to the venue to see the full extent of the fire and meet with Jenny. It was obvious to me at that point that I was not aware of the extent of the fire damage. The main worries for me were that the building was an eyesore and the toilets were now portacabins (which I had not been told). At this point my sister requested things to be done to make the new set up better. We had organised to meet Jenny the night before. Jenny couldn’t be there for personal reasons, which was understandable, but there was no one to replace her. We ended up doing as much as we could and leaving a table of stuff and notes for Jenny. None of the things my sister requested had been done. These may have been things that are usually done on the day but we weren’t to know that because we had no one to ask! Now to the Wedding day. Positives: The staff on the day were all really helpful and friendly. The food was really nice (people raved about it). The room looked great. The portacabins were decorated on the outside and inside so they looked much nicer. Jenny was great to deal with on the day, she put me at ease and I would have liked to deal with her much sooner. The breakfast the next morning was lovely. It was a really late bar which suited us! Wine was left on the tables instead of waiting to be served which I liked. We got sun for about 2 hours and our guests got to see how fabulous the surroundings are. Cary brought his own personal mic stand and leads for my guitarist which was a big help. Negatives: The dinner tables had to be moved for the ceremony and when they were put back the names were mixed up leaving my bridesmaids and mother of the groom at the end of the table instead of the top. I provided fruit for the top of the cake that was not put on. Reception tried to charge the bridal party for accommodation the night before the wedding even though I was told several times it would be free of charge. Reception didn’t have some people on their accommodation list even though I sent it to them a few times. The breakfast was delivered to the bridal house the morning of the wedding and the loaf of bread was mouldy. We had a great day and I appreciate everyone from Kippure that put it together but the stress leading up to the day was something that could have easily been avoided. I have been very specific in this review and I am sure some might read this and think I am being too critical but I think on your wedding day all these things matter.
Rachael Lindsay
Added 31st Oct 2016
Wedding 1st Sep 2016
We had an absolutely magical time at Kippure Estate! The guests were saying it was the best wedding & even some said best event ever! :) The head waitress was amazing as was Jenny the co-ordinator on the day & really all the staff. There were some things set up in the ceremony that weren't exactly as we requested but they were done brilliantly & everything was beautiful anyway. I was a little concerned that things weren't getting done the day before but the staff did have things under control & everything was set up on the day. The food on the day was outstanding. We had a totally vegetarian buffet which they had never done before. Big big compliments to the chef who took on our own recipes and requests & made delicious food! Everyone just really made it so welcoming, fun & easy. Everyone was so personal with their interaction. I felt so blessed to have found Kippure. Cary the wedding organiser was very relaxed but professional & flexible with all the ground work and enthusiasm for our unusual forest ceremony, circus cabaret in the afternoon & music cabaret in the evening. Also the scenery is stunning & there are lots of outdoor activities to do next day! We played Frisbee golf and it was a great fun way to see the scenery more & spend relaxing fun time with guests. The accommodation onsite is not luxury but it was really comfortable clean & stylish. I would definitely recommend Kippure Estate!
Rory McDonald (Groom's Uncle)
Added 12th Jul 2016
Wedding 11th Jul 2016
Great location, excellent level of service, well worth considering
Added 17th Jul 2016
Wedding 26th Jun 2016
We had ordered summer BBQ as our reception meal but didn't get it on the day.. however the food served was lovely but not what I wanted. Jenny surpassed my expectations in decorating the venue.
Maureen Glynn
Added 18th Jul 2016
Wedding 24th Jun 2016
My son Stephen and Cami were married in Kippure Estate fabulous setting for a Wedding ... from the planning of the Wedding to the Actual day was made very easy by the Wedding Planning Team in Kippure , they were very helpful and very obliging throughout, when it came to the day itself they couldn't do enough for us , it was the most relaxing Wedding I was ever at ,they took over as soon as we all arrived and looked after everything , the houses we stayed in were absolutely beautiful , the bar staff were lovely and the girls at reception were also very nice , so there is not one thing I could honestly fault about Kippure , great venue and fantastic staff .......
James and Dee Lattimore
Added 29th Jul 2016
Wedding 4th Jun 2016
James and Dee, Kippure Estate (Humanist, Outdoor Venue) Co. Wicklow, Saturday 4th June, 2016. We would just like to take the opportunity to extend both our greatest and sincerest thanks, in addition to our most absolute recommendation of Kippure Estate, to anyone seeking the very best... Not just on our wedding day, or the actual service itself, but right from the first encounter, Kippure were a pleasure to deal with. Creating an environment which would make one feel more like friends, than clients, Kippure listened to our every concern, query and special requirement: they were able to provide a highly modern, truly enjoyable service. They always gave us a sense of reliability, and we never once doubted their professionalism, excellent time-keeping, not to mention the all-important special requirements and little add-ons, to make our big day, EXACTLY what we wanted. We were provided with as many meetings as was required, and a thorough food-tasting so both we, and the Kippure team were 100% familiar with both us as a couple, and the plan for OUR big day. As for the day AND weekend itself, we remain speechless: We would 100%, and in total honesty recommend Kippure to anyone, seeking the absolute best of service. Thanks, James and Dee (The extremely happy couple).
Mr & Mrs O'Connor
Added 13th Jun 2016
Wedding 28th May 2016
"IF I COULD GIVE KIPPURE ONE THOUSAND STARS I WOULD!, PERECT VENUE FOR US" Our story is a love story it's not just with us but also for Kippure, I'll start from the beginning, before getting engaged I showed my partner this venue and we both said if and when we'd get married it would be there, we decided to go to the wedding Open day there on April 12th 2015 and on the morning of my gorgeous now Hubby proposed, "the first person I told we where engaged was to Cecylia the Event manger at Kippure and she was just so lovely she holds a special place in our hearts as that is always a day to remember, it was stunning! From the drive up through Sally gap to the Location and breathtaking views and then the venue itself! We booked there and then, and just knew it was meant to be. We had our wedding Sat 28th of May and then a second barbecue day on Sunday the 29th 2016, We where blessed as the weather was out of this world, I felt like I had a bit of heaven, and everyone at Kippure are amazing Jenny and Cecylia where in charge on the 2 days and nothing was missed, everything was just managed perfectly! Anne from Kippure did our Blessing Ceremony and it was beautiful, Catherine was a huge help and never missed a thing, Susan looked after all the food and made sure we where well fed on both days. And all the staff, they are so happy there "you just know when people love their jobs when they have such huge meaningful smiles on their faces". Huge thanks from Mr & Mrs O'Connor and our families, everyone has not stopped raving about this wedding and it's one that will be talked about for a long long time!
Jennifer Harbourne
Added 20th Aug 2016
Wedding 30th Apr 2016
We had an amazing wedding in kippure! the venue and scenery were stunning. The food was amazing and very generous portions! The staff couldn't have done more for us and it was an alternative venue and all our guests raved about it!! We would definitely recommend to other couples looking for something different and great value for money!
Added 27th Feb 2016
Wedding 17th Feb 2016
I just had my wedding in Kippure Estate over a week ago and it was an absolute perfection! From the time that I contacted Cary, the head wedding coordinator in Kippure, up until the very end, their team made sure that everything went smoothly as planned. Cary was a dream to work with. He responded very quickly to all emails. Pretty much took care of everything he can take care of. So from when I met Cary and saw Kippure, I knew this is where I want to get married. There was pretty much very little to do yourself if you get married in Kippure. The view is astonishing if you want to get married outside. Because it was freezing (and snowing) outside, I got married inside, but still, had an amazing ceremony. I chose the hot & cold buffet for dinner and hands down, their food was ex-qui-site! I was a bit worried at first because it was one of the cheapest options but they did not disappoint! Everyone was raving about the food. I had some guests who are in the food business and they are all very impressed! Every single staff in Kippure - Jenny, Cary, the manager to the bar staff and the waiting staff made my big day a success. I had the best day of my life and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thanks a million to everyone in Kippure for doing such a great job! You guys were amazing.
Response from Kippure Estate
Hi Melissa, many thanks for your lovely review! It's very nice to know that our efforts were appreciated! You were lovely to work with and a stunning bride (I want photos when you have them!) And thanks for specifically mentioning that it was a cold rainy day...and that even with disagreeable weather you still had an amazing day! Best of luck to you both, and thanks for choosing Kippure Estate.
Kim Millar
Added 29th Jan 2016
Wedding 7th Nov 2015
From the first day we visited Kippure Estate we didn't want to get married anywhere else. The setting was so beautiful and perfect for an autumn wedding. The staff were on hand from Day 1 helping us to organise our big day. In saying that, there was actually so little to organise. Cary, Jenny and the rest of the team just take everything off your hands while still letting you be in control. We had some of our own decor and contributions for the centrepieces all of which they were more than happy to work with and set up exactly as we wanted. On the day itself, Jenny was an absolute star. She took care of everything before I even got the chance to ask, from the breakfast to the band and everything in between. We had originally planned for an outdoor wedding but the weather unfortunately did not allow for that so last minute the team rallied and transformed the lounge and dining hall into a fairytale location for the ceremony and drinks reception. Oh and I haven't even mentioned the food yet. Well the food was the best I've ever had at a wedding, and every single guest said the same to me (3 of which are chefs). We opted for mixed canapés at the drinks reception and honestly we could have fed three times the amount of guests we had and the quality was beyond a 5 star restaurant. For the dinner we went for the hog roast because we really wanted something a bit different. It was just fantastic. The selection of food available for the buffet was brilliant and everyone was stuffed afterwards. All I can remember about dessert is that I ate mine and my husbands! This venue style might not be for everyone, its a million miles from the church-hotel wedding. But its rustic, unique and full of charm. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of the venue and the staff, who not only treated me like royalty for the day, but my whole family as well. I know my positive experience was shared by all our guests.
Response from Kippure Estate
Hi Kim, many thanks for your lovely review! I'm very glad we could make your day everything you wanted it to be! You were great to work with, and a beautiful bride. From all us here at Kippure, best of luck with married life, and please let me know when you want to plan your anniversary party here! Best, Cary Posavitz Head of Weddings Kippure Estate
Sarah Carey
Added 8th Oct 2015
Wedding 25th Sep 2015
I would like to send a massively heartfelt thank you to each and every one of the people who work at Kippure Estate. A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated our wedding with around 100 guests in the stunning Wicklow hills. I can't begin to thank those at Kippure enough for all they did for us, our families and our friends, to make our wedding celebration so memorable for all the right reasons. In preparation, I was mostly in contact with Cary, a man with a smooth and calming confidence necessary for any nervous bride! He heard my vision and, with his team - made it come true with bells on! To the beautiful Jenny, I've no doubt her attention to detail ensured the venue looked far beyond what I ever imagined. Our outdoor ceremony overlooking the mountains was impeccably set out with beautifully covered hay bayles and logs, flowers, candles, and a radiant red carpet. So many of our guests have commented on the high standard of the food. We enjoyed the hot and cold buffet for dinner and I think most people went back for seconds and possibly thirds as the food really was delicious. To the bar staff who ensured no one went thirsty, and impressively remembered what most people were drinking! They were so friendly and made time for everyone at the bar. I wish we could do it all over again, I can't recommend this place highly enough. The ease of being able to stay in houses onsite added an extra element to everyone's experience. The ladies in reception - Ann, Catherine & Cecilia, ensured everyone had a place to stay and were so professional. I can't fault anything about our wedding at Kippure Estate, it was so relaxed and of course Cary ensured the sun was shining throughout! If anyone reading this is considering Kippure Estate, I would advise you to look no further, you've found your venue - you won't regret it!!
Added 24th Sep 2015
Wedding 4th Sep 2015
We got married in Kippure estate and it was amazing. We didn't want a "traditional" hotel, sit-down, 5 course meal - it just isn't us. We wanted something tailored to what we envisioned our big day to be. So few places offered this and we were so happy when we found Kippure. Spit roasted pig for dinner? Gorgeous! Up in the Wicklow mountains with an outside wedding? Beautiful! From the very beginning, the team were efficient, friendly and so helpful. The process was relaxed but professional throughout. Grainne and then Cary and Jenny did an amazing job in organising everything, the decorations and the running of the day Catherine and the accommodation team were so helpful in organising the accommodation for the day and the buffet the next day The food was so tasty and was everything we had hoped it to be both on the day and also the buffet the following day. The bar staff were friendly and so nice throughout the day - even as things got rowdier! I would highly recommend Kippure as a wedding venue, the staff are so friendly and helpful, the packages are varied and wonderful and the venue is amazing. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!
Maggie Conway Halligan
Added 24th Jul 2015
Wedding 3rd Jul 2015
Everything we wanted and more. Truly personalised service with nothing too much to request. Great value for money and an exceptionally memorable wedding that won't blend in with all other hotel weddings. Stunning setting with very clean comfortable and pretty accommodation. This was the best decision we made for our big day.
Jade and Bobby
Added 16th Sep 2015
Wedding 12th Jun 2015
We had our wedding here in Kippure estate on the 12th of June and it really couldn't have been more perfect. my one wish for my wedding was to be able to have an outdoor ceremony and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful setting. The gazebo, the hay bales, the flowers everything was organised so beautifully and then to have the gorgeous Wicklow mountains in the background really just finished it off. The day was just so perfect. The food was lovely the service fantastic the houses were great as we opted for the bbq the following day so people were able to stay for the weekend without it costing an arm and a leg. And the fact that there were so many great locations for photos meant we had much more time to spend with our guests as we didn't have to travel for them. I couldn't speak more highly of the staff Cary was great to deal with in the lead up to the wedding. He was quick and efficient with getting back to any queries we had. Jenny was amazing both the night before the wedding and the day of the wedding there really was nothing that she wouldn't do. These are just two of an amazing team that looked after us from the night before the wedding until we left on the Sunday afternoon. We really are so so grateful for the weekend you gave us it really was the most amazing time if our lives. Thank you again so much Jade and Bobby
James & Jen
Added 29th Jun 2015
Wedding 23rd May 2015
We got married there in May and we couldn't be happier with how the day/weekend went. We booked Kippure for our wedding 15 months in advance. In this time, the staff were very helpful answering the numerous questions we had and offering their advice which helped with our wedding prep. For those travelling to the wedding, we wanted a venue where guests would happily go to for a long weekend and we believe we made a good choice with Kippure. Kippure offered a good base to explore the many amenities that Wicklow offers whilst providing comfortable holiday home style accommodation. On the wedding day, the staff were very friendly and helpful to all guests. We had brought a lot of decorations/photos for the wedding day and the staff kindly hung up all the decorations/photos. We were very grateful for this, as it allowed us to put our own personal touch on the wedding venue. We had an outdoor ceremony and we knew that the grounds of Kippure would be a lovely setting for such a ceremony but the venue itself even exceeded these high expectations. After the ceremony we got some beautiful photos taken by the banks of the Liffey which borders Kippure estate. This meant we could quickly get photos taken in stunning surroundings without missing much of the drinks reception. The main function room for the wedding reception was well set up and the smoking area had a small fire which added charm. The food provided was of a very high standard. The bar staff were very courteous and they weren’t in a rush to clear us out of the bar area at the end of the night. Overall we were very happy and without hesitation we'd recommend Kippure as a wedding venue for any couple who would like a wedding in charming, rustic country venue.
Katherine Fry
Added 8th Jul 2015
Wedding 26th Sep 2014
Kippure Estate is an ideal wedding venue, it was the first venue we visited and I knew it was exactly what we were looking for. The staff were so helpful. Great food and drinks. They were very flexible in terms of decor etc. Nobody batted an eyelid when I rocked up the day before with 20 vintage Teapots and 50 teacups for my centrepieces! Great value for money, plus the option of having a BBQ the next day. We had a wonderful weekend :)
Ashling & Longwei
Added 1st May 2015
Wedding 5th May 2014
A perfect venue for an intimate wedding - so picturesque and secluded. An amazing location for photos and excellent value for money as well. We (and all our guests) were wildly impressed with the service we got on the day and leading up to the big day. We highly recommend Kippure Estate if you are looking for a unique wedding experience as the staff are extremely attentive and accommodating and pay the highest attention to every little detail to ensure that your wedding is extra special. We couldn't have hoped for a better day.
Added 7th Aug 2014
We are so delighted with our decision to have our wedding in Kippure in July 2014, we had the best day and all our guests raved about it. If you want something a bit different where you can totally make it your own and more than anything you want your wedding to have a lovely relaxed feel rather than a military operation then this is the perfect venue. The staff are amazing, so helpful and great craic to boot. The scenery is stunning and the food was gorgeous and something different from your usual wedding grub. I honestly can't rate Kippure highly enough, lovely venue, lovely team of people and best day you'll ever have.
Maureen & Anthony
Added 11th Oct 2013
I have only positive things to say about all the staff there. Everyone was really friendly and everything went very smoothly. We did the outdoor activities on Friday the day before the wedding and they were great and the two guys (Dave and Dan I think) were great fun. Overall I would highly recommend the place. People are still talking about how great the spit roasted pig was! A big Thank you to Grainne and all the staff September 2013 xx
Louise & Eoin
Added 3rd Aug 2013
A huge thank you to all the lovely staff in Kippure for making our wedfest so amazing last weekend! Everyone was delighted by the fantastic setting, relaxed atmosphere and mouth watering food! We couldn't have been happier! Looking forward to returning for a visit very soon!
Kaylee & Patrick
Added 26th Jul 2013
Just want to say a massive thank you to grainne and the whole Team at kippure had an amazing wedding and weekend grainne works so hard and her Team is so friendly. Thanks so much again everything was perfect.
Elaine & Bryan
Added 19th Jul 2013
Thank you so much for our fab wedding last Friday it could not have gone any better, the organisation was flawless and the scenery breathtaking (and we were a tough crowd to please!!) The garden party after the ceremony was just perfect. I totally recommend Kippure for weddings it is amazing xxxx.
Fionnuala & Mícheál Ó Fiannachta
Added 30th Jun 2013
We the parents of the Groom, wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all the Kippure Team involved in Eleanor and Muiris’s wedding celebration for your courtesy and the exceptionally high standard of service you provided to ensure a truly memorable event. We considered the standard of accommodation, food and drink and all facilities, including outdoor facilities, to be excellent. On the basis of our experience, we would certainly recommend Kippure Estate to people considering it as a wedding location.
Anita & David
Added 31st May 2013
Just want to say a massive thank you from myself and David for having us over the weekend. You made us very happy by letting us host our wedding in your fabulous venue. The staff made us feel very at home and comfortable. You could not have been anymore helpful and you really went out of your way to make our day very special. We could not have wished for a better place to have our wedding. Massive thank you to Grainne and Cecylia for all the running around and also Tom and Jenny. The rest of the staff were also amazing. I don't have the words to express what an amazing job you all did. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, you were fantastic xxxxx. You will see us again soon that's for sure :)
Michael & Caroline
Added 1st May 2013
Caroline and I were married at Kippure estate in the Wicklow mountains. WE celebrated our wedding with a handfastng rite performed by Con Connor. The team at Kippure were sensational. From the organisational skill and personal touches from Grainne to the brilliant attitude of the waiting staff. Nothing was too much trouble for Ann and Cecila for us and our guests. Tom, in the dining room/bar was a diamond. Thank you Kippure and thank you Grainne for turning our special day into a magical event that will go down in history and be talked about by our families for generations.
Fionn and Alice
Added 28th Aug 2012
We wanted something unique and different. Kippure Estate certainly is and with Grainne, Kippures Wedding Coordinator at our side; we instantly knew this was the place we wanted. With Kippure, we were able to put our own touch on a venue with spectacular scenery . We had 110 guests with many travelling from the U.K, everyone stayed for 2 nights. The next day after the Wedding we even had adventure activities . For us and many of our guests, it wasn’t just a Wedding it was a fun weekend away. The food was amazing and we even had the Kippure Chef make our wedding cake! All the staff were great and really went out of their way for us. People talk of stress in the wedding planning stages but it really wasn’t. We had great fun with Grainne throwing out ideas and planning the details. Everyone not only enjoyed the Wedding, but the whole weekend in the surroundings of the mountains. If you want to have a unique Wedding with style, we would recommend Kippure Estate and Grainne.
Paul & Sheena
Added 24th Jul 2012
To Grainne and all the staff at Kippure Estate; on behalf of Sheena and I we would like to thank you all for helping us to plan, organise and enjoy our wedding day in the Wicklow mountains. Your flexibility allowed us to create our own unique day. One of the many wow factors was being able to drive across the picturesque Sally Gap from our Church in Roundwood to the Reception at Kippure Estate. The grounds of Kippure and its surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for our wedding photos. Thanks also for the heavenly food; from the divine cheese and wine drinks reception, the beautiful four course dinner, all the way to the succulent Roast Pig in the evening. All the staff where brilliant at their job; our guests continue to comment on how relaxed and welcomed they felt throughout the entire weekend. We would highly recommend all couples to consider Kippure Estate as a venue for their wedding day. Kippure made it easy for us to have a fabulous time with our friends and family.
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